As part of Family Day at 754X this past Saturday, teachers and students built chicken coops for their new fine feathered friends that are hatching!

IMG_1804 IMG_1803

Jeremy K of 721X writes that “We have 300 plus plants started. We’re comparing florescent and LED lighting.”

Congratulations to the 811X Horticulture team for their workshop on “Seed Harvesting on the Classroom” presented at the City Grower’s Education Conference on Saturday, February 27. They led an incredible workshop and represented D75 and Plant Learn Grow to the fullest!IMG_1049.JPG

Check out the amazing Stephen Ritz in this NPR segment called How a Great Teacher Cultivates Veggies (And Kids) in the Bronx.  Go Steve!!

Last week, PLG visited NYC’s first Net Zero School, PS 62, The Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability at Sandy Ground. It was awesome! We saw bikes that generate power for the building, nearly 2,000 solar panels, and green technology used in lighting and classrooms that we have never seen before . The building even uses geothermal wells for heat and AC. In case you are wondering, “net zero” means that the school will produce as much energy as it uses. Big thanks to Principal Lisa Sarnicola for showing us around.

Plant Learn Grow would like to congratulate Mr. Ketler Louissaint on his new position as Superintendant IA for District 75. Mr. Louissaint has been a strong supporter of our schools’ gardening efforts for a long time. We hope he’s not too busy to plant with us again this spring!

Ketler Louissaint in the garden

chseedbankPlant, Learn, Grow is pleased to announce the launch of the Virtual Seed Bank (VSB), which can be accessed from our website’s menu. Here’s how it works:

The VSB is a catalogue that tells you which seeds are available from other D75 schools. At the moment, we are cataloguing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and companion plants.

If your school has seeds to share, please email telling us which seeds you have and any relevant information about the plant. If possible, also include an image of the plant and/or seeds.

Teachers will be able to visit the VSB and contact teachers directly with requests for seeds.

Thanks Lori Heffez!

Big things are happening at 133K, where our 369K students are involved in the construction of brand new beds for the spring. The former container garden is getting a hefty makeover. We can’t wait to see it in bloom.

Check out these photos from a late season harvest at 373K in Bushwick, Brooklyn last week! They are still growing eggplant, kale, callaloo, chard, peppers, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and more. Amazing!



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